This is a moving image visualizing the sound piece, it is a continuous
project on the sound composition. P/S: Headphone advisable.




This is one of the progress of my final project ‘Graphics Speak’. I am a graphic designer that loves music without knowing much about music theories, but I have the urge to compose myself one, then I came out with an idea to make sound by chance with a graphical and systematic approach. I recorded the sound from different sizes and length from the tools that a graphic designer frequently use, such as paper, pencil, ruler, tape, keyboard, mouse, and printer. And I composed it by sprinkling color paper dots that punched out from a puncher on a piece of graph paper in order to get the scores, and each color represents one sound. Click here for video explanation.

A visual identity proposal for an art gallery, Czech China Contemporary(CCC) at
Beijing, China. One of the logo was selected and these are some proposal sketches
I did during my internship at Studio Najbrt.

A project I did during my internship at Studio Najbrt, these are drafts of
the visual identity proposal and façade design for a highschool,
Slovanské Gymnázium Olomouc at Czech Republic.

Apparently, the table lamp looks like a man hardly moving forward, it
expresses my experience of walking in the windy day and sudden rain in the
Netherlands, as well implies the difficulties people face when being at
the foreign country. The table lamp was made of paper and the fallen
branches I picked up from the park, as it looks tough and strong
as if it has gone through the wind and rain.



Sometimes humans are too dependent on language and forget the use of the body language. This is a simple conversation experiment with a group of 6 people from
4 different countries, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Malaysia.
By using our own language throughout the conversation, somehow we were quite
surprised about the end result. Gestures work!

This project is about designing new Dutch number stamps ‘1’ and ‘2’. The idea is based on sharing the value equally. And the colors are derived from De Stijl movement, depicting the history and also the signification of
the Netherlands.

Weng Nam Yap / graphic designer


This stop-motion was made at the beginning of my studies at The Hague, Netherlands,
it describes matters that I don’t do often in my country, but it has now become
my routine in the Netherlands.

E           M  +60 103 621 493

This is a poster dedicated to my country. It reflects some of the cultural and bizarre issues in Malaysia in a humour perspective by using letters. The word ‘Bolehland’ (Can Land) was derived from a cheesy national slogan ‘Malaysia Boleh’ (Malaysia Can), which is a word contains double meaning, Malaysians used to say it whenever proud or bad thing happened. Every letters come with a story: (B)Bribery; (O)Oil/Petrol; (L)Language (Assimilated language); (E)Election (Ghost voters); (H)Holidays (A lot, sometimes with bizarre reason); (L)Liberty of speech; (A)Alcohol (Prohibited for Muslim); (N)National Anthem ‘Negaraku’ (Imitation of a Hawaiian song ‘Mamula Moon’ or Indonesian song ‘Terang Boelan’); (D)Datuk (A federal title, which means grandfather in Malay language)

This book is a follow-up of the stamp project, it consists of the stamp designed by Jan van Krimpen, Wim Crouwel, Hansje van Halem and me. This book is divided into four parts in different sizes in order to divide the contents by different periods in an anti-chronological order. The thin black line that cuts across the middle of the
pages define time metaphorically.

An X’mas card project in collaboration with Haruka Yamada
to our friends and family at the other corner of the world.
ade with etching and silk-screening.

An application announcement poster for Postgraduate Program in Typography
at Elisava Design School, Barcelona. In collaboration with Allan McEvoy
during the internship at TwoPoints.Net.

A research and book project about Kenya Hara, Japanese graphic designer and brand consultant of Muji. The book maintains the simplicity of the brand image.

A self-expressed poster for TwoPoints.Net’s poster collections, by using
Chinese character and simple geometrical shapes according to <Tao Te Ching>,
Verse 42. The Tao gives birth to the One.The One gives birth to two. Two gives
birth to three. And three gives birth to the ten thousand things. The ten
thousand things have their backs in the shadow while they embrace the light.
Harmony is achieved by blending the breaths of these two forces.

Window-window is a manifestation takes place in 7 locations in The Hague, Netherlands. 9 artists from 9 different countries are invited for participation, exhibiting works based on Window concept: the ongoing globalization in our contemporary society bridging different cultures.

This is a visual diary documented things and conversations that seem as if not important in seven days of my daily life in The Hague, Netherlands. The small texts and images in the layout represent the meaning of trivial matters.

This is a report book documenting my 2 internships at Barcelona and Prague. Coincidentally, both cities shared the same city flag colors, hence red and yellow were used. A map is folded within the book and illustrates some of my life experience and places I have explored in these countries.

This is an ongoing project exploring the subtleness of number ‘3’. These pictures were taken during my stay at the Netherlands, Spain and Czech Republic.

A publication documented all the attempts, experiments and the process
of my final project ‘Graphics Speak’.






‘Graphics Speak’ is about translating visual elements to sound, as it consists of a
collection of patterns that can be turned into audible experience. Each archetype has its own harmonious composition made by mixing them on a turntable. The installation is contextualized within a darkroom, by broadcasting live video recording of the graphics on an analog television, where the transmitted electromagnetic waves are translated into sound through using a sensor. Therefore in this case, what you hear is what you see. In the exhibition, it also contains the process and various experiments of visualizing sound and vice versa.





This is a self-expressed poster according to ‘面相醒世歌’ (Physiognomy Awaken Song), which is an assessment of a person’s character or personality from his outer appearance. The poster is presented in a kitschy manner and questioning the unprovable fetish with sense of sarcasm – would life be easier according to the song?




There was a time I questioned myself the identity of Malaysian. Hereby I present to you our prestigious local food as my answer – ‘Rojak’. As a Malaysian born Chinese, I am unquestionably rooted and raised in a multiracial atmosphere, just like 'Rojak' as a metaphor, various pieces of local fruits(races) in the 'Rojak' are all well blended into a certain form with other materials, and importantly the exotic sauce, which harmonize the 'Rojak' and meanwhile it can never be deconstructed. Enjoy-lah Malaysian-style!


Weng Nam is a graphic designer with multicultural and lingual background
from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He holds a B.A. degree in Graphic Design at 

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2012. Weng Nam’s strength lies in his
ability to produce solutions that push creative limits yet answer the
client’s brief. His working experience in The Hague, Barcelona and Prague
has armed him with a unique approach to designing – one that challenges the
norm and celebrates the random beauty of experimentation. 

His talent and works have won international recognition including the Young
Talent Award at Fontanel Finals 2012, the Youngblood Award at Gogbot
Festival 2012, and the European Design Awards 2014. His works have been
featured in publications and exhibited in Japan, China, Taiwan, Switzerland,
the UK, and Italy.  Feel free to contact for project collaborations.


12 - 13: Graphic Designer at Silo, The Hague
11 – 11: 2-month Internship at Studio Najbrt, Prague
11 – 11: 2-month Internship at TwoPoints.Net, Barcelona

08 – 10: Graphic Designer at 3nity, Kuala Lumpur

10 – 12: BA in Graphic Design, Royal Academy of Art(KABK), The Hague
05 – 08: Dip. in Graphic Design, Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur


2014: ‘Vroaam!’ has won Bronze at European Design Awards
2014: ‘Graphics Speak’ exhibited at International Techno Art Exhibition,
      National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2013: Works featured in Asian Creativespublished by Ubies, Japan
2013: Works featured in Imprint 2, published by Sandu, China
2013: ‘Graphics Speak’ featured in IDPURE Swiss magazine, issue 31

2013: ‘Graphics Speak’ exhibited at Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
2012: ‘Graphics Speak’ installation and workshop at Toolkit Festival,
      exhibited at A+A Slovenian Exhibition Centre, Venice, Italy
2012: Works featured in Asia-Pacific Design No.8, published by Sandu, China
2012: ‘Seven Days Trivial Matters’ exhibited at Spike Island, Bristol, UK

2012: ‘Graphics Speak’ featured on Designboom, Etapes and others

2012: Young Talent 2012, Fontanel Finals

2012: Youngblood Award 2012, Gogbot Festival

2012: ‘Graphics Speak’ screened at Uitgelicht 24, Filmhuis Den Haag

2010: ‘Routine’ screened at Uitgelicht 22, Filmhuis Den Haag


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